What is the Community Food Pantry?

The Community Food Pantry is a nonprofit outreach program that provides food to families who have found themselves in crisis. You might ask who are those in crisis? Those in crisis are people that have lost their jobs. Those in crisis are those who have lost income due to illness, medical bills, maybe a death in the family. Those in crisis are people who have had an addition to their family and cannot make ends meet. Those in crisis are the hungry in our community for whatever reason. We are not bound by any geographical scope and we hold a 501(c)3 classification from the Internal Revenue Service. We are staffed entirely by volunteers, and have been a part of this community for 43 years.

“We Make A Living By What We Get, But We Make A Life By What We Give."- W. Churchill

Community Food Pantry of McKinney
307 Smith Street
McKinney, TX 75069

Hours: Mon-Fri:

Important Announcement Concerning COVID-19

With rising concerns about COVID-19, we feel it’s important to keep our community updated. Our staff is closely monitoring the situation. Due to the nature of our program, we plan to stay open as long as possible to provide food assistance to those in need in our community. Procedures have been made to minimize physical contact during food distribution and our staff will be working according to current guidelines.

During our normal program hours, Monday – Friday, 1:00 – 3:00 PM:

Please go to the Community Food pantry located at 307 Smith Street, McKinney Texas.  On the front door there are instructions on how to contact one of our volunteers concerning your grocery needs.  Our office building may appear to be unmanned, but our volunteers are able to help you with same day assistance.

For all donations, please call (972) 547-4404.

Holiday Closings 2020
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Memorial Day
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Thanksgiving Holidays (November 26th and 27th
Christmas Holidays (December 24th and 25th)

What is the importance of the Community Food Pantry to the community?
Our primary goal is to insure that no one goes to bed hungry. Once that goal is met, we strive to guide and assist them in finding a more permanent solution to the existing crisis. At this point, our goal becomes one of enabling them to become capable and independent individuals who will once again become contributing members of society.....BUT FIRST...hunger needs to be addressed!! If hunger is not continually addressed in this community, there could be an upward spiral of violence and poverty. Hunger can lead to anger. That anger can lead to violence in the home such as spousal abuse and child abuse. It can then spill into the community. Hunger is such a basic need that people will do anything to get food, even commit crime. If people do not have enough to eat, malnutrition becomes a factor. With malnutrition comes illness, disease and medical bills. You can see children missing school or at the very least, performing poorly in school. The parents start missing time from work or even spending time in jail for their crimes. This reduces the household income, leading to more poverty and even homelessness.